Recently I had the pleasure of speaking in another state to a group of entrepreneurs at a business expo. The focus was how to get ready to lead your organization.

I spoke about how important it is to create a Culture of Confidence® in an organization. Every organization, business or group has a culture. It is either a culture by design or a culture by default.

It only makes sense to take the steps necessary to have a culture by design.

Confidence is the bedrock of success. Nobody stumbles into success. I don’t know one successful individual, and I have worked with hundreds, who started out on a venture with the “this will probably fail” attitude.

If you can successfully develop a culture of confidence in your organization, you are going to start reaping unexpected benefits.

If you have employees, you will quickly find that they are much more engaged in their duties and responsibilities. Employees want to know that the people at the top recognize them as people who want to succeed. They will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal, if they are confident that management has their back. Management, executives, team leaders and managers must all be ready to lead.

One example I like to use is a Special Operations unit in the military. That is the ultimate Culture of Confidence®.

Each member of that team has confidence in their abilities. They know what is expected of them and they know that they have the skill, training and direction to carry out their job.

Each member of the team has confidence in the other team members. They know that the team members were all selected on the basis of merit. They would, and do, trust one another with their very lives.

The individual team members have confidence in their leadership. They know that their leaders are honest, fair, competent, and concerned. They know that the leaders of that team have worked hard to get where they are. The team leaders understand the importance of each individual team member they are ready to lead.

Because that Culture of Confidence® exists the entire team has confidence in the unit as a whole.

And finally, they all have confidence in the mission, whatever it may be. They understand they are working toward a common goal that has been thoroughly thought out and planned. The mission may be a tough one, it probably is, but it is worthy of risking life and limb to complete.

Wouldn’t you like that to be the culture of your organization?

Simply put if you can create that type of culture in your organization, you are guaranteed success. But you must be ready to lead your team.

Too often I encounter people in business who call themselves leaders and yet have never given a thought to the individuals who are working for them. The people who type the documents, answer the phone, sell the products, sweep the floor and work on the factory floor are treated like fungible commodities.

Nobody takes a job hoping to fail. But everybody makes an occasional mistake in their job. How do you, as an organization or company leader deal with that?

A person has to feel secure and confident to perform at the highest of levels. It is your responsibility as a leader to help each member of your organization develop a strong sense of confidence.

Train them properly. Let them know what is expected. Interact with them on a regular basis, on a personal level. Let them know their position with the organization is secure. And if it is not either tell them how to remedy the situation or get rid of them.

Keeping a poor performer in a position does harm to the organization and the individual as well.

Leading an organization has a lot in common with leading a Special Ops team. You can do this.