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Are You At Your Full Potential?

Being a busy business executive is filled with challenges. Personnel, productivity, performance and profits are constantly competing for your time and attention.

It takes a toll on even the most talented executive.

How would you like to be able to meet those challenges and maintain the level of personal satisfaction you know you deserve?

You can do it.
There is a myth that personal satisfaction and profits are competing interests. Nothing is further from the truth. Executives that achieve personal satisfaction in their careers are more likely to perform better and become more productive.

You seem to be working as hard as you can. You put in long hours and days at a time. You want to get more accomplished, but you can feel the toll it is taking on you, professionally and personally.
As an executive coach I help my clients increase their performance, productivity and personal satisfaction without sacrificing profits. Here is a little secret. The Fortune 500 companies provide their executives with coaches as part of their compensation package.

Don’t take my word for it. Watch these super CEO’s tell you.

Improve your career path Now

Having an executive coach is not an expense, it is an investment. Don’t be one of those busy executives who think they can do it all with no help. An executive coach is a perk. It is a perk you deserve.

You can increase your performance. You can increase your productivity and you can increase your personal satisfaction.

The results show on your bottom line. You know yourself that your employees perform better when they are rewarded by their results. When their personal satisfaction goes up, so does their performance and productivity. An executive coach is not brought on to fix toxic behavior. Instead the goal is to develop the capabilities of high-potential performers.
The executives who receive the benefit of coaching begin to understand how to really get the best out of themselves and those who work for their organizations. Coaching is a business tool no different than any other productive investment.

Results show that executives who get the most out of coaching have a strong, even fierce desire to learn and grow. In a survey Harvard Business Review found that coaching of executives invariably migrates to issues such as life purpose and becoming a better leader. The executives began to understand and appreciate the value of work/life balance.
Coaching is essential in the current economic circumstance. Uncertainty about how to behave, how to lead, how to produce consistently causes stress and burnout. Coaches have shied away from addressing personal satisfaction in the past until someone stood up and told the truth.

Personal satisfaction is a key element in an individual’s performance and productivity and that is true from the C-Suite to the parking lot attendant.
Is your performance, productivity and personal satisfaction what you want it to be?

Would you like to see how you can increase them all and boost your bottom-line results?

Are you willing to invest an hour of your time to learn how you could be doing even better than you are?
*I am not a salesperson. I am an executive coach.

Like any other successful business person I operate at a profit, a very nice profit at that. When I offer you an opportunity to spend an hour talking with me I am not doing it because I love giving my time away. I am doing it because I know that there are smart, hardworking, frustrated executives who I can help. I can help them increase their performance, productive and personal satisfaction and I can help them show a better result on their bottom line.

If you think we might be a good fit, if you think you might be able to do better than you are, if you think your future is worth investing an hour of your time, contact me. I’ll get back with you, most of the time within 2 working days, and set up a time that we can talk.

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